Hip Hop Spring Break Dance Intensive

April 18-21, 2016 from 10am-noon Monday-Thursday

We are encouraging families to join. Hip Hop is a great way for all of us to get in shape together and have fun. The first hour is conditioning and then we top rock out to the beats. Everyday we will work on a new challenge and try our hand at breakdancing! We will be on Main Street in Ridgefield @ RCD. Contact me with questions. $108 per person and is $200 for two in a family, because it would be great to have brothers, sister, and moms and grandmothers! We can all work out, dance and have fun together! Creating a culture of dance again!


Puppetry & Mask Workshops

Learn how to make a mask or puppet and then learn how to move it or move with it!

**Available for special events, classrooms and after-school enrichment.


2011 Series:

Open Spaces Dance Series

Local CT “Open Spaces” Dancer/Performing Artist Adelka Polak joins Sherman’s favorite grower Victoria Taft for Sundays in September beginning Sept. 11, 2011 from 12-5pm for afternoon outdoor activities and festivities. Sundays in September at Victoria’s Garden:

Sept. 11, 19 & 25*

There will be a variety of happenings for you to enjoy throughout the day: Family activities, nature crafts, greenhouse tours with plant talks at 1pm, farm fresh mint tea, and dancing at 3pm. Mums and fall plants are available for purchase.

“Open Spaces Dance” Workshops by Adelka continue in Sherman during the “Sundays in September” Sept 11 & 19 events from 3-4:15 for $15. No experience necessary. Adelka will guide you through dances under the trees. Delight in your connection with the earth. The body holds natural potential for grace and strength, so unleash it through modern dance created with your own imagination here. We carve space through our dance and bring energy to the land and people here in Sherman.

*Mask & Movement Workshop Sept 25th from 3-4:30pm ($20). Your opportunity for this special Mask & Movement workshop will be held with worldrenowned mask performers Larry Hunt and Adelka Polak. Experience the European approach to clowning while learning and discovering a variety of mask techniques for the stage and for fun! The performing duo heads for Bulgaria the following day to represent the U.S. at the Golden Dolphin International Puppetry Festival. Catch us before we fly away and experience the traditions and innovations of mask work!

Get your natural creativity on rain or shine!

Call Victoria at (203) 885-2158 to reserve a spot for the workshops or for more information. Victoria’s Garden located at 94 Route 39 North, Sherman, CT 06784


Also, Sept. 17 at 4pm Adelka Polak will be performing “Environmental Entanglement: Nature at Rest and Unrest” outdoors at the White Silo Winery and Farm in Sherman during the Raspberry Festival. This environmental performance is made possible by the Puffin Foundation along with the participating artists and farmers of our community. Wine and food are available for purchase and tasting before the show. Please bring a blanket or chair for the outdoor show. Check back for up-to-date details.


Open Spaces Dance held from 12-2pm on Saturday Aug. 20 is the beginning of an outdoor dance workshop series in Sherman led by movement artist Adelka Polak, a recent recipient of a Puffin Grant Award for an environmental performance project.  The lunchtime dance session will be held outdoors, so wear comfortable shoes.  The suggested fee is $20 for workshop participants. We plan for rain or shine!

The workshop will open up the White Silo Winery's 1st Annual Blackberry Festival held Aug. 20-21 from 12-5pm. Visit the White Silo Farm & Winery, 32 Rt 37 East, Sherman, CT 06784


Available upon Request...

Mixed Media Performance

This class intends to bring every individual participants strengths to the forefront of the process of creating a performance. The performance product will depend solely on the skills and desires of the students, so that a mix of media will be potent and dynamic based on individual strengths. Offering her own experience in mixed media performance, Adelka Polak mediates and guides the participants to reach their fullest potentials in the collaborative creative process. A focus will be put on strengthening the connection between performer performing object; performer space; performer video/installation, while applying theory to practice through performance.  The semester or intensive will end with a showing by participants. (This class is intended as an intensive or a full semester.)


The Moving Body — Invigorating the mind and body to find a great sense of physical freedom.

This class is designed to increase the performer’s flexibility, balance, coordination, and stage presence. The Moving Body offers a unique blend of dance techniques, improvisational exercises, and movement sequences that prepare the body mind for performance. Instructor Adelka Polak focuses on fostering individuality in performance through movement gesture, yet strives to create a strong ensemble by incorporating techniques from Butoh, a dance form originating in Japan. The class involves a warm-up, focus exercises, walking techniques, a combination. This class is great for all levels.


Movement & the Mask

This workshop introduces various bodywork techniques used to approach the creation of a character through the physical presence. These techniques can increase individual strength, stamina and stage presence. Spoken words, emotions, and body language become more powerful with the consideration of posture, breath, and gesture. Each exercise prepares participants for the transformations that occur within the mask. These techniques have been applied to actors performing Shakespeare, dancers, singers, puppeteers, and performers using stylized movement.

Movement the Mask by team instructors: Adelka Polak & Larry Hunt
A Master Class combining elements from Adelka Polak's Stage Movement with Larry Hunt’s Mask & Movement application, advances the focus of the bodywork directly to the mask. (Recommended: 3 hours)