Environmental Entanglement

The outdoor peformance series was created as a site-specific collaboration between artists of various mediums. The performance, created to travel, changes based upon the space, so improvisational elements exist based on the nature of the environment. Puppets made from cattails wearing paper-based masks float on murky ponds; dancers stride shoeless through the blades of grass. Sounds from the natural environment become apart of the performance through looped recordings while musicians cut into grains of silence. Photo: Dancer & Musician Collide in Cattails

Art & the Environment: Memory in the Midst of Charcoal & Paper



*August 2010 was the premiere of the Environmental Entanglement series taking place at private residences in Sherman, CT & Middletown, CT. While this performance was a 2-site event only, this style of performance is available for intensive residencies and site-specific events/happenings.

Photo Credit: Melissa D'Attilio www.melissadattilio.com