Movement Consultation

Adelka Polak provides movement consultation services for Performing Arts organizations and institutions in New England and across the globe.  Her expertise in Stage Movement has enriched productions by making the stage presence of ensembles and individual characters within extremely dynamic.  She is available for residencies, workshops, private coaching, and movement conceptualization for overall performance.

Adelka has worked with individuals of all ages preparing material for an audition, conducted workshops through the rehearsal process, and given movement direction for a variety of shows, including Shakespeare, Musical Theater, Farce, Puppetry, Mask Theater, and Avant-Garde Theater troupes.  Adelka’s training in modern dance, clowning, ballet, puppetry, and physical theater has provided valuable for many actors, singers, dancers, musicians & puppeteers.

Dancers can also find movement as a collective through Adelka's group improvisational exercises to improve synchronicity, teamwork, and awareness of space and collective rhythm.

Past clients include Purple Rock Productions, Squonk Opera, Chatham University Theater Department, Ives Concert Park co-productions, and the Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theater in NYC.

Adelka Polak

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